please comment on the pictures you see in this blog. I want to know your perception on African women involved in Agriculture: Good or Bad.


Women are commonly considered to perform the bulk of work in African agriculture.
Combined with new evidence of a non-negligible gender gap in agricultural productivity, this has motivated increased attention to raising agricultural productivity among African women.

Women are the backbone of the development of rural and national economies. They comprise 43% of the world’s agricultural labor force, which rises to 70% in some countries.In Africa, 80% of the agricultural production comes from small farmers, who are mostly rural women. Women comprise the largest percentage of the workforce in the agricultural sector, but do not have access and control over all land and productive resources.






  1. I think is a good initiative but I would be glad if the farming is mechanized due to fragility on the part of women coupled with their low level of physical strength.
    Using women for farming is also strategic due to their curiosity.This means they can explore,research,talk and provide diverse comments which is very vital for Agriculture growth.


    1. The was through pictures of African woman interms agricultural depicting various forms of agric products being cultivated. Good work done.


  2. It is good for Africa women to be engaged in agriculture,but they use of morden technology for farming is a necessity for them hence the need for the need for them to be trained in agrotechnology So as to make work easier and faster for them. It will also improve thir socio conomic standards.Agriculture is a good job and must be neatly treated to suit world standards for Africa women.


  3. This is very good if women get involved in agriculture because women are very caring and observant. but I think the agriculture in Africa should be taken into another level instead of using local method, like using local tools and equipment always, because women are very weak by nature.Also they always face financial difficulties, so the government must assist them in finance in other for them to expand their production.


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